Anti Slip Treatment

You don’t want accident to happen not when you can prevent them


  • We anticipate a TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS MONOPOLY on the process.
  • The treated floor shall produce in-situ slip resistant results that meet the following Singapore Standards (SS 485:2001) Specification of Slip Resistance.
  • After extensive research, we have found NOTHING in the market place that uses our SPECIFIC CHEMICAL solution as an ongoing cleaner.
  • We have also found NOTHING in the market place that CLAIMS to have a compound that BLOCKS MICRO-ORGANISM/FUNGI GROWTH, DISSOLVE CHEMICAL DEPOSITS, and CREATE TRACTION all in ONE simple cleaning solution.
  • Our group are HDB Approved Supplier for Slip Resistant Treatment.


    • IF Restoration Anti-Slip Treatment is a water based, low odor, colorless liquid. It is not a coating that can wear and that requires repeated re-application. The floor can be put back into use immediately. There is no cure time as with coatings.


  • IF Restoration Anti-Slip Treatment reacts with the silica and calcium carbonate that are integral parts concrete, tile, granite and terrazzo floor surfaces. The chemical reaction converts the surface pores of the material into millions of microscopic “pits and crevices”. When wet, these textures dramatically increase the slip resistance of the treated surface, providing safe, sure footing on smooth, worn and or wet floors.


    • Surfaces treated with IF Restoration Anti Slip Treatment were Etched on a microscopic level to Reduce Slipperiness.


  • A Fluorination process generated by a Key Component in the IF Safety Solution™ Anti Slip Treatment produces Mineral Calcium Fluoride to Block the growth of Bacteria.

Anti Slip Treatment Photo 1

New Tile

Shows the microscopic pores, surface and grout free of any dirt, grease or convent

Build up of purpose soap, detergent, cleaners

Grease, fats and oils with thriving bacteria colonies & fungi Silicates, alkaline, calcium, carbonates and other minerals Dirt Build Up:
Foreign substances indicated above have saturated and glazed tile and grout, resulting in an unhealthy, deteriorating and very slippery surface.

IF Safety Solution Anti Slip Treatment

Penetrates deep into pores – dissolves and extracts all foreign substances from tile and grout, and microscopically etches the surfaces.

Clean Tile

After cleaning with IF Safety Solution Anti Slip even the microscopic pores are free of dirt, grease and detergent build-up. The surface is microscopically etched for better traction and regenerated calcium fluoride to extend grout life and block growth of bacteria & fungi.

Recommended for keeping all restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, factories, health clubs, shopping malls, office buildings, swimming pool decks, residential bathrooms and etc. from SLIP/FALLS and bacterial growth when floors are wet or dry.

Applicable for ceramic, mosaic, marble, granite, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, glazed brick, porcelain/enamel tubs, shower stalls & other stone or mineral surfaces.

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