Clean & Seal Restoration Systems

Worldwide Restoration Systems® with more than 600 types of chemicals to solve all types of stone problems compared to other with limited chemicals used

The stains in the stone are generally not uniformed given the variation of elements in the natural stone. Hence, the client has to accept the quality of IF Restoration stain removal project as long as 90% of the stains are successfully removed as observed during the joint inspection with the client. However, the Result is Amazing!

In the market, there is NO SINGLE COMPANY could totally remove the watermark stains. However, we could help you to lighten it up to 70 – 80 % only.

It’s called Efflorescence. Our Efflorescence Removal could totally remove it within a couple of minutes only. So far efflorescence problem till date, there is no total solution for it. It might re-occur it again

There are a lot of sealers in the market, but you can’t expect a good sealer with low price. When Singapore China Town SMRT was built, the LTA authorizer selected the Top 6 brands of sealer came for a mock up. During the first two days, 2 brands of sealer failed. Up to the fourth day, another 3 brands of sealer failed. Except our Hardrock Sealer’s Liquid Gold could pass through. Up-to-date for more than 20 years, you could hardly find any stains on the Granite surface of Singapore China Town SMRT station.

The benefits of a good sealer:

  • Excellent penetration
  • Protect against oil and water staining
  • Allow for vapor transmission
  • Non – yellowing
  • Effective for interior and exterior applications.
  • No gloss or surface build – up
  • Eases maintenance and cleaning
  • Helps to reduce efflorescence
  • Most materials retain their natural color and appearance.



Hardrock Safety Solution Anti-Slip Treatment

Yes, we anticipate a 28 years monopoly on the process. After extensive research, we have found nothing in the market place that uses our specific chemical solution as an ongoing cleaner. We have found nothing in the market place that claims to have a compound that blocks micro-organism/fungi growth, dissolve chemical deposits, and create traction all in one simple cleaning solution.

Yes, on all stone floor surfaces, including porcelain tubs, it is most effective. On other surfaces, including vinyl, epoxy paint, epoxy seal, and waxed, it removes build-up trapped between layers, and restores to better than original traction.

Yes. No protective equipment of a special nature is needed to apply the ongoing cleaner. It comes in standard 1 gallon bottle. The purpose of maintenance is to preserve the stone’s original appearance, ensure (preserve) maximum slip-resistance and create a positive hygienic environment. Our Material Safety Data Sheet research specifically revealed that the cleaner is not toxic and non-corrosive to living tissue. Safe for frequent cleaning of all hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain, cultured marble, acrylic tubs & showers, glass, mirrors, chrome, and brass.

The guarantee simplified, means if you follow recommended application procedures and maintain your current floor conditions with our Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner, the horizontal surface will continue to be slip resistant.

Yes. The redepositing of foreign substances allowed by other cleaners will eventually coat over the microscopic etch created by Hardrock Safety Solution. This is also true with bathtubs. Most cleaners promote or harbor micro-organisms/fungi. Few dissolve mineral deposits such as soaps, silicates, carbonates, calcium, alkaline or phosphates. Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner has a key component that is ranked highest to complete this task. Without the patent pending key component in Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner, the slip resistant quality of the surface will have reduced effectiveness. Initial Hardrock Safety Solution regenerates the floor, dilute Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner (the cleaner) is most effective in rejuvenating the Hardrock Safety Solution initial treatment. No other cleaner can claim that.

No. However OSHA supports the premise that if an adequate slip resistant surface exists, 80-90% of all slip/fall accidents would be eliminated. Hardrock Safety Solution is a safety anti-slip treatment that reduces the hazards which cause slip/falls accidents. At no time can we ever make the statement that Hardrock Safety Solution will totally eliminate slip/fall

Yes. Original concrete surfaces, primarily calcium carbonate, are converted to calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride is much harder and resistant to chemical attack.

No, because correct dilution for the defined surface has been field tested extensively and with correct application, no prolonged deterioration will occur. Some color tiles may become lighter, might lose it shine and is chalking on the treated horizontal surface. Some might be easier to trap dirt’s; however the anti-slip treatment is amazing.

Refinishing Services

The national average cost to replace a bathtub ranges between S$ 1,500.00 to S$ 30,000.00. The expense is in removing the tub, since it is attached to three walls in most cases and was installed before the walls went in. The process requires a plumber, dry-wall worker, paper hanger or painter, tile setter and floor man and can take up to two weeks to complete to create quite a mess in the house. Refinishing costs are S$ 460 – S$ 2,000 and take up about 4 – 7 hours time.

Worldwide’s finish on the tub and other surfaces is ranked the best on the market. The new surface is as good as the original porcelain finish, and in many ways, is better. The Sears’ laboratories and the government Bureau of Standards tested the new finish during a two year period. In fact, the government standards for refinishing tubs are based on our system and materials. In testing, the original porcelain gave way before our new finish. The new finish is within 10% of the hardness of porcelain. The finish is more resistant to acids and non-abrasive cleaners than the original porcelain and qualifies for a 5-10 years scrub life. The finish has a 70+ solids coating rating. The finish is available in any color (56 colors are standard) and takes up to 350 degrees of temperature before breaking down (you can buff out a cigarette burn).

Not only porcelain and fiberglass, but also ceramic tile, cultured marble vanity, formica, wood, steel and other surfaces with the same process. If you look around you, these surfaces are everywhere. Of course, you immediately recognized these surfaces at home but the industrial and commercial markets are just as large. Most licensees do a mixture of commercial and residential at about a 50/50 relationship. Consider the possibilities with fiberglass chairs and surfaces in fast food restaurants, metal panels in elevators, and on escalators, and decorative surfaces on the outside of buildings. Our research department will respond to any request about possibilities for use.

In the market, everybody is using epoxy coatings except us using aliphatic acrylic urethane system. The disadvantage of using epoxy is very easy to turn into yellowish under UV condition and easily to get peel off under hot water condition. For our acrylic system, we have UV resistant but it doesn’t mean it don’t turn into yellowish. (1-2% per year) compared to Epoxy material (5-6% per year). Epoxy is hard but brittle, whereas acrylic material is flexible and not easily to get damage. That explains also why our services cost more than other companies. You simply pay for the brand and quality which could last you for many years.

If there has been any problem or error in application including bathtub, sink, basin and wall (excluding soap holder, WC and urinal systems which are not warranted), it will show up within a few months. Each new finish is warranted for 1 years. It covers peeling, cracking or general failure of the adhesion of the coating to the fixture being refinished

We recommend 24 hours later to leave it dry/cure before utilizing.

We recommend using our Worldwide Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner. Specially formulated for refinished surfaces. A safe and very effective cleaner that works equally well on non-refinished surfaces. It is for all your tub, tile, and shower cleaning needs.

Yes why replaced when it just need a new look? Why do you have to change the bathroom or kitchen fixtures when they are still very good in condition? Probably they do just need a new color / look. You could save up to 70% of replacement cost with a minimum downtime required. No hassle and you are just within days to your dream come true.

The Worldwide Restoration Systems – Why Choose Us

Our Group had 28 years Restoration & Refinishing experience in the ASIA markets. We have the best products, equipments & knowledge solution on One Stop Commercial & Residential markets. We received the best awards for recognized our successful achievement in this businesses. See details – hyperlink to our hall of fame.